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Hello guys,
there's more to come. Just....wait...for it!

The Scripts Mailbox Upgrade Script (Open Source)
Do you want to upgrade your account to 500 MB / 1000 MB without installing the stupid adware toolbar? Try this script to get the upgrade anyway. You can also download it to run it on your own server.
Link extractor
Do you want to extract links from a html source code to generate a link list, a playlist of mp3 files or something completly different? Use this easy to use link extractor.
Punchcard (Open Source)
A free and open source online report portfolio. It is the piece of software I made for my final exam. It is not completed, but a pretty solid code base on top of CakePHP is laid. If you do not think so: Contribute. :)
Sitemap PHP Library (Open Source)
A php lib to generate sitemaps for e.g. Google (including Video, Image or News sitemaps) or other sites. It is open source and awaiting you contribution. ;)